Anteneh Mulugeta fled death threats

Anteneh MulugetaEMF – Nairobi: Anteneh Mulugeta, former judge and CUDP’s elected secretary of Addis Ababa City Council, fled his homeland after death threats by Meles Zenawi’s security guards, sources said. According to EMF Nairobi correspondent, Anteneh was routinely harassed, warned and finally threatened to death after the formation of Ginbot 7 movement.

Woyane started to terrorize and arrest persons in Addis Ababa following the formation of the new G7 resistance movement get momentum in Ethiopia. Surprise search operations have also been being undertaken in Addis Ababa the last three weeks.

The regime associates Anteneh with the new movement which they consider a breach of the condition in the pardon and followed him rigorous life imprisonment or death.

“The security forces on Friday morning went to his [Anteneh] office, but he was at the time in the Federal High Court and they didn’t get him,” Sources said.

Amnesty’s former prisoner of conscious, Anteneh Mulugeta had to hide himself for days and escaped to neighbouring country. He was CUDP’s elected secretary of Addis Ababa city Government in august 2005 before he was thrown to Kality prison.

In related news, Meles Zenawi has sent its death squads to neighbouring Kenya and Uganda in a move to attack dissents. Ethiopian dissent was currently attacked in Uganda by an unidenified agents.

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