Anna Gomes urges Ethiopians to stand together

Anna Gomes meeting Ethiopians in UKBy Tamiru Geda (London) — Ms. Anna Gomez, former head of EU observer mission of the rigged Ethiopia’s May 2005 election urges Ethiopians to unite and fight against the existing dictatorial and oppressive regime.

She made this clear on her speech at public meeting held on Monday in London House of the parliament. The meeting was organized by All Party parliamentary Group on the Third world Solidarity in association with committed Ethiopian in UK.

Anna receives warm and emotional welcome by Ethiopians residing in UK.

Anna Gomes meeting Ethiopians in UK“It is crucial time for you and friends of Ethiopia that Ethiopians in Diaspora could play a great role by using all alternatives such as lobbying their local MPs, demonstration and rallies to make Ethiopia’s problem visible before the international community.” She said.
“Ethiopia has been invisible and that is the reason why this dictatorial government survives.”
Anna also urges that the Diaspora to work together and show that Meles’s regime is a repressive and oppressive.

Ms. Gomes argues that neither Zenawi nor his regime is strong but it portraits itself as strong by dividing Ethiopians. She also accuses Mr . Zenawi of attempting to creating Rwanda style ethnics hatreds among Ethiopian nation.

Anna Gomes meeting Ethiopians in UK“Ethiopians voters have shown their hunger for Democracy and Change in country by queuing early morning in those polling stations regardless all harassments.” Anna said.
“There is no emerging democracy in Ethiopia as long as there is a sophisticated oppressive and barbaric regime is in place”.

She also blames the Western Medias including BBC that gave deaf ears to Ethiopia’s terrible times.

Anna expresses her deep disappointment about judge Brtukan Medekessa, charismatic leader of the opposition UDJ who is behind bar serving life sentence. “It is outrageous that Brtukan would be elected for the parliament, not to be in Jail .”

Ms Anna’s speech was followed by applauded of hundreds of audiences who showed their gratitude to her by standing in the meeting hall .

Other guest Speakers including Mr. Obang Metho, Executive Director for SMNE and Mr. Ayele Anglo, former Kinjet Executive Member have given their witness about the gross human right violation and nepotism in Ethiopia .

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