Andinet/UDJ party backed Birtukan’s stand

22 Dec. 2008 (EMF) Andinet/UDJ party has backed Birtukan’s stand that Kinijit Leaders did not ask Meles Zenawi an apology as a condition for getting out of jail, EMF source said.

The Federal Police has interrogated Birtukan Midekssa last week for allegedly saying that “we did not request pardon of the government as condition for our release”.

Birtukan was upset by some of the views and walk-out of a meeting but she immediately came back to make an apology, according to the source.

There was a heated debate among the executive committee members of UDJ concerning Birtukan’s speech in Sweden last month. After convincing arguments, the party decided Birtukan’s position to be UDJ’s position.

Our sources also said that there are some TPLF spies in the party who leak information to Woyane media by converting diversities of views as conflicts. We have observed that media which are subservient to the Woyane reported the event as if the party is split.

In democratic society, such exchange of views, hot debates, sometimes even physical confrontation among members is a day-to-day phenomenon, observers said.

In related news, Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam, Dr. Yakob Hailemariam and Ato Kifle Tigneh have started relieving themselves from responsibilities. They have decided to shift their leadership position to the younger generation.

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