AN URGENT APPEAL – From Mesfin Wolde-Mariam

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Reeyot Alemu

Reeyot Alemu

Reeyot Alemu is a budding Ethiopian poet, essayist, and journalist. There are not many Ethiopians of her caliber inside the country. She has been languishing in the famous Ethiopian Prison in Qalliti for almost three years. She was charged of terrorism, a crime she totally abhors. She was sentenced first for eighteen years but later reduced to three.
With the exception of her mother and father, she is not allowed to communicate with anyone, including her sisters, brothers as well as her fiancée.
Reeyot, although constantly in agonizing pain and in need of help, is held in solitary confinement with a very old and sickly foreign woman who herself requires assistance.
Reeyot is suffering from some growth in her breasts. The prison authorities have been reluctant to take her to hospital for medical checkup, even when her parents were prepared to pay the bill. When she became seriously ill she was allowed to see a doctor as a result of which she was taken to the hospital and operated upon. But no sooner had the surgeon finished the operation than she was immediately taken back to prison even before she had fully recovered from the Anastasia.
She now suffers from a relapse on the operated breast and similar growth in her other breast. The prison authorities still demonstrate their reluctance to provide medical treatment even at the expense of her parents.
May God provide the necessary courage to all those institutions and organizations to cry out effectively for this young lady who is suffering at the hands of insensitive prison administration.

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2 Responses to AN URGENT APPEAL – From Mesfin Wolde-Mariam

  1. Dany

    April 24, 2014 at 9:18 AM

    ፕሮፌሰር ልጂቱዋ ዘመድዎ በመሆንዋ ወይም ሌላ ትስ ስር ኖሮት ሳይሆን እንደማንኛውም
    ዘጋ ለወገን ከመቆርቆር የመጣ ስሜት መሆኑ ይገባኛል ,ይህን ስሜት እኔም እጋራዎታለሁ.
    በሰለጠነው አለም ውሻና ድመት የንክብካቤ መብት ሲኖራቸው እንዴት ለሰው ልጅ የነሱን ያህል መብት እንኩዋን እንነፍጋለን ?
    በተልይ አቶ ሃይለማሪአም ደስአልኝ እምነትዎ ይህን ጭካኔ ስለማይፈቅድ ፈጥነው ድረሱላት ?ሌሎች የሃይማኖት ተቁዋማት ምን ትላላችሁ ?ጳጳሶች ,ፓስተሮች,የ እስልምና እምነት መሪዎች መንጋችሁ ሲበደል ጩሁለት .
    መንግስትም መሃሪ መሆን ያስከብረዋል እንጂ አያዋርደውም ,ካንድ ሁለት ..ግለሰቦች ጋር እልህ መጋባት ነው ደረጃውን የሚያውርደው .

  2. Fekadu

    April 25, 2014 at 7:18 PM


    Hate mongering and Spreading hate in the name of journalism is not accepted norm among the civilized world, Ethiopia Is no exception.
    Journalism is a profession that is practiced through rules and orders, obey the rule just like thousands of jurnslists in Ethiopia do.