An exploration into the under-world of Academia By Taye Negussie (PhD)

During a thesis defense session in the just ended academic year something odd happened in one of the well-reputed universities here in Africa. While the university procedure demands a thesis defense session be held publicly, yet against this procedure a defense for a thesis work done on business networking in one of the most famous trading center in Africa was made to be held behind closed-door in a private office.

Then afterwards during the defense session one of the examiners kept himself busy hurling at the defending student some ridiculous enquiries and remarks accompanied by admonition and threat–a kind of violence against one’s emotion and spirit, if you like, “spiritual terrorism”, to use the current buzzword. In our view this was mainly due to the fact that while in the course of the field investigation, the defending researcher unintentionally has stumbled upon an illicit underground business activity that ended up to be one of the core issues in the final thesis document, which apparently seems to be a taboo to speak of. This implies that it has been completely forgotten that an academic research–in its true sense–is not so much about being “politically correct” as it is to reveal some hidden truth that matters most to the welfare and wellbeing of the larger citizens.

Click here to read full story in PDF.

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