Amsterdam to Host 2010 Ethiopian Sport Festival

Ethio - Amsterdam FestivalAmsterdam (26 July 2010) Ethiopians are flocking to Amsterdam to celebrate the Europe-wide sport and cultural festival to be held from July 29 to July 31, 2010. The eight Annual Ethiopian Sport and Cultural Festival in Europe will be hosted by [Amsterdam] this year, organizers told EMF.

A total of 23 teams will be participating this year from all over Europe, including two from the USA at the soccer tournament which will take place at JOS Stadium in Amsterdam from July 29th to 31, 2010.

The annual Ethiopian Sport and Culture Federation in Europe is growing from year to year to be the best medium of bringing Ethiopians together from all corners of the world. This year, the Amsterdam organizing committee has planed to organize big festivals which include a mini children marathon with athletes, Fashion show, Model show, cultural and modern Music and other activities
For more information on the event, you may log on to Ethio Amsterdam website.

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