ALEJE applauds the decision by OLF, Press Release

A Historic Decision that Brings People Together

In its historic meeting held in Minneapolis, Minnesota [on Dec 30 and 31], the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) National Council, led by General Kemal Gelchu, made a significant decision that adds the much needed energy to the struggle of the Ethiopian people against the ethnic dictatorship of Meles Zenawi’s regime. In its two day meeting, the OLF National Council examined and amended the long standing political program of the OLF and made a call to all Oromo and non-Oromo forces of Ethiopia to work together and realize the common goals of the Ethiopian people.

Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE) appreciates the moral strength of the OLF leadership to reach to this game changing decision and applauds the decision that opens the door for a joint struggle. ALEJE also encourages other political forces of Ethiopia, the Oromo political forces in particular, to create a collective leadership and bring years of human suffering to an end in Ethiopia.

Since its establishment in 2010, ALEJE has hoped and worked diligently to bring together the two factions of the OLF. Unfortunately, the much awaited reconciliation of the two factions did not materialize due to different internal and external factors. However, ALEJE strongly believes that despite the failure of the reconciliation, the decision of the OLF National Council is a very important outcome of the two days meeting that gives confidence and an added momentum to the Ethiopian people’s struggle for freedom, justice and democracy.

Alliance for Liberty, Equality and Justice in Ethiopia appreciates the ground breaking decision of the OLF and takes this opportunity to remind the Ethiopian people to commend the historic decision of the OLF. At this momentous juncture, ALEJE urges all Ethiopians inside and outside the country to pressure all political forces of Ethiopia to put aside their differences and join hands in making Meles Zenawi the last dictator of Ethiopia.

ALEJE strongly believes that sharing a common vision and working together towards a common goal is not just an option but the only option to correct past mistakes and create a country where peace and justice prevails. The historic decision of the OLF and its willingness to join other democratic forces of Ethiopia is a significant progress in our struggle. However, as important as the recent assessment and resolution of the OLF is; it’s just the start of a much longer journey that must expand to include many other political forces of Ethiopia. Therefore, ALEJE urges the different factions of the OLF to immediately start and complete the stalled reconciliation process. In the meantime, ALEJE also extends its invitation to all democratic forces of Ethiopia to create a collective leadership and lay the foundation for a new era of a free, just, and democratic polity in Ethiopia.

Let us rise up in unison to win our freedom!
Victory for the people of Ethiopia!

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