Aiga Forum’s racism must not be condoned

www.solidaritymovement.org7 August 2009, Press Release — When Michael Steele was elected to serve as the first black chair of the National Republican Committee, the hateful website sponsored by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front and run by a certain Esayas Abaye, published an amazing piece of creative news. Window DressingPasting a montage of Steele and Obang Metho’s pictures on its front page, Aiga declared on February 4th February of this year that the two leaders being elected to lead was a “window dressing” activity. It told us that the two individuals were being used for window dressing by the “groups” who control them. According to Aiga Forum, Michael Steel’s selection was as “phony” as Obang being a leader of the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia.

Mr. Obang Metho, an Ethiopian of Anuak origin from Gambela region, was so offended that he wrote a lengthy article quizzically entitled, “Is there racism in Ethiopia?” Mr. Obang wrote: “Despite the intentions of the EPRDF to point fingers at others in order to divide us, we must use this very negative action in a way that will prevent hatred from overcoming our struggle for the dawn of a New Ethiopia.” But Mr. Obang’s good effort fell on the deaf ears of the mad racists at Aiga Forum that have felt more superior than any Ethiopians and now even much more superior than the most powerful person on earth, the President of the United Sstates of America.

Compared to the above unwarranted attack against the two gentlemen, Aiga’s racist attack against the first democratically elected black President of the United States of America is obscene, demeaning, outrageous and shameful to say the least. Aiga Forum’s comment is extremely inflammatory and unacceptable.

Here are the exact words posted on and linked to its blog on August 4th 2009:

“The misguided extremist Diasporas have been cheering up for the last couple of days. You know why? Hillary Clinton will not visit Ethiopia during her trip to Africa. Hmm! Who cares if the N**** administration ignores Ethiopia?! Have your say.” Nobody may believe this but this is what comes from those who are turning life hell to the oppressed people of Ethiopia. What is more disturbing is Aiga’s demand for an apology instead of having the humility to offer one.

Puzzled by the counter accusations of Aiga Forum, we decided to investigate and track down the source of the alleged forged evidence as no one should be accused of any misdeeds that they never committed. Our investigation led us to Germany where an Ethiopian willingly came forward as the person who took the screenshot to keep evidence as he suspected that they would remove the disgusting comment and blame others for trying to tarnish their image. We believe that hundreds of people, if not thousands, have read the vulgar racist tantrum posted on this infamous conduit of hatred was a resident of Cologne Germany. Though we have chosen to protect the identity of the person for obvious reasons, he is willing to co-operate with any parties interested in investigating this matter.

Using Firefox’s screenshot feature, he took a copy of Aiga’s amazing attack against Ethiopians and President Barack Obama, who got among the highest approval rates in Africa. According to the Economists “global electoral college” survey conducted in October last year, 90 per cent of Ethiopians would have voted for Obama [ ] It is suffice to say Ethiopians have been calling on the Obama administration to correct the blunders of the Bush administration that made the Meles regime a key U.S. ally on the war on terror despite the fact that it is terrorizing and brutalizing its own people.

Aiga Forum has been fanning division among Ethiopians in and outside Ethiopia. It is also to be remembered that it was the first messenger of evil that called on the TPLF regime to take actions against anyone who protested against the disputed 2005 elections. As a result of the actions taken by the brutal minority TPLF regime, 193 civilians were killed, over 760 were injured and 40,000 people including children were detained in concentration camps. When leader of the Unity for Justice and Democracy Party, Birtukan Mideksa, was touring Europe last year it Aiga Forum posted her speeches and urged the regime to punish her. She was re-arrested in December 2008 and Aiga Forum, which is obviously part of the TPLF media network paid for by the poor Ethiopian taxpayers, celebrated by claiming that she deserves life behind bars just for speaking out against injustice. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi recently confirmed this by telling foreign news outlets that she has a “zero chance” of being released.

The Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia not only condemns Aiga Forum’s latest racial slur but would also like to emphasize the fact that the TPLF regime and its organs do not represent the sentiment of Ethiopians. SMNE also calls upon the concerned authorities to investigate this matter seriously and punish those responsible for this despicable, hurtful and outrageous hate crime. We also urge the TPLF’s operatives running Aiga Forum to desist from using the Internet for evil and despicable ends.


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