“After years of living under dictatorships, people have demanded new leadership” Hillary Rodham Clinton

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton bluntly warned African leaders on Monday that authoritarian governments ruled by aging despots were “no longer acceptable,” saying that those who refused democratic reforms would find themselves “on the wrong side of history.”

Mrs. Clinton did meet with representatives of both the north and south at her hotel in an effort to press for an agreement. One was an adviser to President Bashir, Nafi Ali Nafi; the other was the leader of southern Sudan, Salva Kiir.

Mrs. Clinton then had to abruptly curtail her trip. A volcano erupting in neighboring Eritrea sent an ash cloud that threatened to strand her in Ethiopia, so she departed late Monday night, canceling visits to a hospital and a school. A senior aide, Philippe Reines, said she promised to come back.

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“…we do know that too many people in Africa still live under longstanding rulers, men who care too much about the longevity of their reign, and too little about the legacy that should be built for
their country’s future. Some even claim to believe in democracy –
democracy defined as one election, one time. (Laughter.) (Applause.)

Now, this approach to governing is being rejected by countries on this continent and beyond. Consider the changes that have recently swept through North Africa and the Middle East. After years of living under dictatorships, people have demanded new leadership; in places where their voices have long been silenced, they are exercising their right to speak, often at the top of their lungs…”

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
(At African Union Headquarter, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia June 13, 2011)
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Source: New York Times

and Awramba Times

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