Aba Weslata Flips, Again

By now Aba Mela aka Aba Weslata is a known individual especially after he created a buzz when he said he was going to flip to the opposition from the Weyane camp he had been with before.  Right around the time this buzz was created, there were many Ethiopians who were skeptical about him. Some friends I know who consider ESAT as their own felt uneasy about this guy being given more air time. Some of us, though, were so much indifferent about him joining the opposition camp, as he was saying it.  Don’t get me wrong, I was enjoying him when he was trashing his former masters. Even then, I was very much interested to understand his mind set as he was making that huge turn around. Certainly, I agree with most people who were saying that this insecure and untrustworthy individual should be nowhere near any serious matters. I think, as we are learning it now, our buddies around ESAT did not show him the light to be included even though there might be some temptations to do otherwise. But for the sake of argument, let us assume that he was made a news analyst or commentator with ESAT. How could he possibly hurt us? He should say what we, the owners of ESAT, want him to say. What secrete would he possibly take away from ESAT and pass it on to Weyane? It is an open secret that we, Ethiopians all of the world, help ESAT with our hard earned money. It is not a secret that the dedicated and genuine news personalities with ESAT are sacrificing themselves with a next to nothing pocket money.  This is to point out that for those who showed skepticism early on, should not be saying ‘I told you so’. He comes in and he comes out.  He has taken nothing from us but he has left us with statements that were lashing out Weyane and his scathing criticism of the Ethiopian government.

So if you are like me, I do not make it a big deal when he is making this turnaround now. But it just bother me a bit how an individual, who we think has some ethos that most of Ethiopians share, just go this low. Aba Weslata is said to be an elderly. I believe his parents thought him some ethical, social and religious values. I don’t know if he has a wife or a husband, but I am just wondering how he present himself with people he is loved by or people who he loves. At this age, living as a street smart is just ugly. I don’t mind if he has a different political affiliation but trying to be so treacherous and dishonest with the people you associate, is the lowest of the low. The disillusionment he has built about his self importance might be a culprit to his activities.  In a Paltalk world of less than a thousand audiences, his importance to make any difference is nonexistence. He may be some kind of entertainer for people who like what he was saying, given that he is so pretentious and his language is devoid of substance.  But, I am curious to know more about the camp he is rejoining than himself. Nobody, but him, has trashed Weyane so severely in a manner that was not seen before. There was truth to his criticism of the government. His Weyane exposures were facts. That was the reason we like him talking. But now, what would Weyane do when he is coming back to them. In the past we have seen their own Bisrat Amare rejoining them after insulting their leader in many occasions. But we could say that he was their family.  They also accepted that buffoon Solomon Tekalign after he was lambasting them through his songs. None of these apologists were as hurtful as Aba Weslata. He was so deep and his exposure was so probing and it will be interesting to see whether they are embracing his comeback or not. My bet is they are so angry at him that they may accept him officially and at the same time they find a way to punish him.

There is some interesting trends we can take away from this buzz. ESAT has evolved to be a formidable institution the enemies want to destroy and egomaniacs, such as Dawit Kebede, Juwhar Mohammed and Aba Weslata, want to join. It was true that the reason why Dawit and Juwhar distanced themselves from the opposition camp was because they were turned away from ESAT. Similarly, Aba Weslata sought for a prominent role inside ESAT and then when he was rejected he abruptly flips. What a rubbish soul, Aba Weslata!

Ersasu Mere



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One Response to Aba Weslata Flips, Again

  1. Abegaz

    March 13, 2014 at 1:01 PM

    The best to humiliate abamela is to periodically air his past interview with ESAT and laugh at him. No need to write articles about him!!! Let us stop this article after article writing habit for every small thing!! For me abamela is a low level guy; no good to dwell on him except laughing at him!!