Aba Paulos lost power at EOC

Aba SamuelAbune PaulosEMF (29 May 2009) Abune Paulos, a political appointee of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, is removed from his administrative power, sources said.

Aba Tekeste W/Samuel, now Bishop Samuel, ethnic Tigrean and former TPLF spy at Waldba Monastry is expected to be his successor. Our sources confirmed that there is longstanding rivalry and accusations between the two. Aba Tekeste has a very close relationship with Azeb Mesfin (wife of Meles Zenawi).

Week-long session was held by the Holy Synod from 14 to 29 May 2009, which passed the resolution to avoid Abune Paulos from his power.

Reports from EOC also confirm that Abune Paulos has eliminated many of his opponents. Among the bishops removed by Aba Paulos include Abune Matias, Abune Yoseph, Abune Petros and Abune Elias. They all are dead in a misterious way. Paulos’ bodyguards have also gunned down a priest inside a church in Addis Ababa.

Under EOC’s rule, the legitimate patriarch of Ethiopia is the exiled Abune Merkorios, who is in USA. According to the rule, a new patriarch cannot be named while the incumbent is alive.

Aba Paulos has been criticized to serve as an apologist for Meles Zenawi atrocities, including killings inside a church.

He has also built a golden palace for himself in Addis Ababa using public funds.

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