Andreas Eshete resigns from AAU [Also read Meles Zenawi’s letter]

EMF – The infamous and drunkard president of Addis Ababa University, prof. Andreas Eshete resigns from his post, EMF sources revealed. According to his letter to AAU, the reason he mentioned for resignation was his failing health condition.

EMF has also obtained a letter written from Ethiopian dictator, Meles Zenawi. The letter reveals Zenawi has assigned Andreas to be his special advisor.

In a letter sent to EMF, three weeks ago, concerned Ethiopian intelectuals from AAU have accused Andreas Eshete of incompetence, nepotism and delinquency.

Click on the PDF links below to read both letters Andreas’s resignation letter and Meles Zenawi’s letter.

Andreas Esheté returned to Ethiopia in 1991 from his long exiled life. He was then sent by Meles to Asmara to apologize Eritrean for ‘Crimes committed by the Amhara’. At the time, he also gave interview to Ethiopian radio from Asmara that Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) didn’t harm Ethiopian civilians and his denial made him unpopular to this day.

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