A tribute to Prof. Donald N. Levine


Prof. Donald N. Levine

Read also Donald N. Levine’s bio from Tsehai publishers . And his bookInterpreting Ethiopia.

By Ethiopiawinet — We are saddened to learn the passing of a distinguished sociologist at the University of Chicago, renowned Ethiopianist, and a fervent advocate of nonviolence, on April 5, 2015.  Donald Levine, the scholar affectionately nicknamed Memhir Liben, was also a proud member ofEthiopiawinnet:  Council for the Defense of Citizen Rights (E-CDCR)—an international and independent rights-based civic organization.

Members of E-CDCR will remember Don Levine for his seminal publications, most notably Wax & Gold and Greater Ethiopia, which highlighted our deeply-rooted unity in diversity.  He taught us to be historically informed about Ethiopia, to accentuate our commonality without disregarding our cultural diversity, and to cultivate a habit of approaching our political differences peaceably and respectfully.  At the personal level, he loved things Ethiopian and made friends of all Ethiopians with utmost humility—down to hosting us at his home and engaging us in online discussions on Ethiopia’s past and future.

On behalf of our members and all the Ethiopians who will forever admire him, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to his family.  Ethiopiawinnet proudly announces the dedication in his honor of our upcoming civic education symposium on “Ethiopia’s Transition to an Inclusive Economic and Political Order” which is scheduled for May 30-31, 2015, in Silver Spring, MD (USA).


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