A Call to Oromo Ethnic People By Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.

This is a follow up to my previous article entitled: Ethiopia Anew: A Call to Amhara Ethnic People. One needs to read first my recent articles entitled: Wholesome Ethiopiawinet: Unity & Beyond and its background Ethiopia Anew: The 10 Theses in order to understand the gist of this article.

Accept Our Heartfelt Identification with You

You have a choice to hear and accept those of us who are standing in the gap to agree with your pain (means confess in Greek); change our thinking about you because of our agreement (means repent in Greek); join forces with all to birth a new Ethiopia in a spirit of Wholesome Ethiopiawinet (means discovering our true identity).

You also have a choice to dismiss those of us who are reaching out to you in love, and instead embrace hate, bitterness, and revenge.

Nothing good comes out of hate and bitterness. It only makes you a prisoner of the past. This in turn holds Ethiopia (and yourself) hostage from having a future. Therefore, be yourself, you are loving people who give meaning to decency. Choose to love, and forgive. This is the well-known Divine order for releasing healing. Then only you can move on forward as a free people.

Accept Your Destiny as a Center of the New Ethiopia

You are the center of Ethiopia interconnecting the diverse ethnicities that are spread around you in a circle. Even the capital city of Ethiopia is at your center. You and Ethiopia are linked inseparably as the two faces of the same entity. Here you have no choice – you are it. You are the soul of Ethiopia, Ethiopia cannot exist without you. You too cannot exist by yourself without Ethiopia. Unlike you, most any other ethnic group practically can exist by itself apart from Ethiopia the same way Eritrea does. Destiny didn’t give you that option, accept your destiny and exhibit your greatness.

Therefore, you cannot save yourself and abandon Ethiopia at the same time. All the time you do so, you sabotage from being known as you truly are. It is time you talk louder than any body else about the New Ethiopia in a spirit of Wholesome Ethiopiawinet. Your existence depends on it.

Accept Your Destiny to Lead Us into the Future: The New Ethiopia

You are the largest people group in Ethiopia. Despite this fact you are marginalized and abused. Your great brokenness has lifted you up to be the One to lead us forward as one Family under Our Creator. In the past, things were easy. Exercising force was the tool to construct Ethiopia. Now things have changed. Your tool is only love to construct the New Ethiopia. The world holds you to the highest standard in the 21st century. You have been prepared from the beginning of time for a time like this. Embrace love and find out what you are made of for real and what you are capable of doing. You will be our wonder. Only hate and bitterness keep you from your God given destiny to lead us to the Ethiopia: the super model of the world. Live out your calling by causing all Ethiopians hold hands with each other to stand together as one people for a New Ethiopia as never before.


Dr. Zelalem Eshete may be reached at: one@EthioFamily.com

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6 Responses to A Call to Oromo Ethnic People By Zelalem Eshete, Ph.D.

  1. sanja

    May 18, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    I hope this highly immature and ignorant person stop his senseless and half digested articles. He pretends to speak for the Amara, which he knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. He could be a fake amara Amara and a fake PhD. Nothing about what he writs shows that he has gone through the rigors of a higher education. And more, he may be a self-hating amara like his intellectual equal the notorious Alemneh. Your feeble mind CANNOT give advice either to the amara or the oromo. Go back to your masters the tribal tigrean TPLF and stop exposing your ignorance over and over again. I think that you need to be told, that is if you have the capacity to understand.

  2. Tura

    May 18, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    Who are you who tells Oromo to be hater, bitter and so on. The Oromo people do not hate anybody. Oromo people are struggling to be free from domination for over a century. How many years Oromo people carrying you on their shoulder?

    Your tittle Oromo ethnic people is demeaning and degrading against Oromo people. Oromo people not Oromo ethnic people. Oromo people are the nation with the great history who fell under Abyssinian control as the unfortunate historic event.
    Oromo proverb goes: the one who did bad deed can forget easily, but the one who bad deed done to do not forget. This is exactly the case in point that you are preaching us to love while you are trying to destroy our existence, language, culture, and tried to replace identity Oromo people with the other and we continue resisting it.
    You are telling people of ethnic Oromo as you call it, while you cannot even say Oromo people respectfully, to join you in love. Mr. scholar, DO you know what happened to Oromo people last hundred years and so? If so did you interested and say any thing to acknowledge Oromo people’s grievances to recognize what happened to create heeling environment between people? We want to have positive conversation with people of Ethiopia to create conducive to better Understanding, but that does not come by ignoring real issue and calling all Oromo nation hate people, this is wrong itself. You can say that for organizations, groups and individuals. Because they rice up for their right to fight oppressor old or new does not mean they hate other people of Ethiopia. Yes we hate oppressor of any kind. Yes we are bitter because our children are dying, Ethiopian prison is full of innocent people, so we do not apologize for fighting in justice. You are hiding behind unity of Ethiopia to restore your old guard. You never win by blaming Oromo people for not in praising forced unity and blaming Oromo nation for not joining you forced unity of that prison house of the people.
    We are fighting to change that prison house of nations which your ancestor build and you are trying to maintain at any cost. New Ethiopia you are telling as not here yet, so join true struggle for all if you care. also refrain from calling names especially nations and peoples. so struggle will continues until all people of Ethiopia are free from all kind of domination.

  3. Abegaz

    May 18, 2014 at 10:18 PM

    One idiot Amhara I know was Walelign Mokonnen. But he had eloquence when he states his vision. This guy neither had the intellectual capacity nor has the a piece of wisdom to communicate with the Amhars. What super idiot he is. I am ashmed to hear this guy is a lecturer at AAU. He still thinks in the mindset of Walelign with poor communication skill.

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    May 19, 2014 at 12:39 PM

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  6. Alem

    May 19, 2014 at 10:49 PM

    Dr. Zelalem, Why Greek?
    Why Oromo ethnic people?
    Why Amhara ethnic people? I don’t think you are aware how hopelessly you have fallen into the ethnic trap you are trying to disentangle others from.
    Why “our heartfelt identification with you?” Who are the “we?” Or, who are you?
    What destiny are you talking about?
    You sound more like a self-help manual.
    You write, “Here you [“Oromo ethnic people”] have no choice – you are it. You are the soul of Ethiopia, Ethiopia cannot exist without you. You too cannot exist by yourself without Ethiopia. Unlike you, most any other ethnic group practically can exist by itself apart from Ethiopia the same way Eritrea does.” Are you sure “most any ethnic can exist by itself?” I don’t know what kind of world you inhabit. You unilaterally declare “Oromo ethnic people” are the “soul of Ethiopia.”

    You add, [“Oromo ethnic people”] are the center of Ethiopia interconnecting the diverse ethnicities that are spread around you in a circle.” This is so childish I am wondering if you ever lived in Ethiopia. There is an appropriate saying for such shoddy and unthinking piece of petty demagoguery አላዋቂ ሳሚ ንፍጥ ይለቀልቃል