50th Anniversary of Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica by Mulugeta Haile

No other State Leader’s visit has captured the triumph of human spirit as Emperor Haile Selassie’s memorable visit to Jamaica on April 21st, 1966. It was common for the Emperor to receive a majestic welcome wherever he went. Whether the nations were members of NATO, Warsaw – Pact, or Non-Aligned, they all hon ored him in their paramount welcoming ceremonies. New York City gave him a hero’s welcome by throwing ticker tape from skyscrapers- something that was never done for any other foreign leaders. Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, opened its palace 46 years after the monarchy was overthrown. China sent thousands of balloons into sky while the former Yugoslavia, a non-aligned nation rang -the bells of the entire churches which were closed for decades. Of course, as the father of Africa, Africans welcomed him, by announcing the day as the National holiday. Click here to read the story in PDF…

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