32 ONLF Rebels and Ethiopian Forces killed in Dhagahbour – Diplomatic Source

12 December 2012

(Ogadentoday Press)- A report says that clashes between ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front and a coalition of Ethiopian military and Liyu Police Troops erupted in the restive Ogaden region, Dhagahbour Zone on Tuesday.

The sources said that 32 Ethiopian Troops and ONLF fighters killed in the fighting.

According to a diplomatic source based In Jigjiga told Ogadentoday Press that ONLF troops attacked, a Labbiga, a small village near to Dhagaxbour, where Ethiopian Troops had a military camp, the ONLF troop’s ambush killed 30 Ethiopian coalition troops, while two ONLF fighters killed, the source confirmed.

Ethiopian troops carried out a massive crackdown after the attack, some elders have been taken to prison; while some women are unknown where have been taken. Civilians in the area express concerns about the crackdown.

There was no immediate word on the situation Tuesday from ONLF and Ethiopian Government.

ONLF has accused of Ethiopian troops committing human right abuses in the Ogaden, but Addis Ababa denied the accusation.

Human right organizations labels Ogaden Region, as Darfur of Sudan.

Meanwhile the Ethiopian Government and Somali Regional administration says that they want the development of Ogaden Region and the production of Oil and Gas, there are poor human right records in the region which International Community widely criticized.

Thousands of civilians are detained in the region and hundred are killed for last months.

Many flee in the Ogaden Region and registered the UNHCR offices in Kenya and Djibouti.

There is no independent judicial system in the region, people in the region believe they are under martial law.

Peace talks between Ethiopian and ONLF ended in the Kenyan capital without a breakthrough on October.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Mariam Deselam told Aljazeera Television that ONLF refused to accept the constitution.

No agreement of precondition said, ONLF officials.

The ONLF has been fighting for self-determination for the Ogaden since the 1970s, and Ogaden people in the region and Diaspora supports the vision of ONLF.

Ogadentoday Press.

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